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Nectar Fly Light


Product Description

Nectar Fly Light Unit


Complete with a Shatterproof Bulb & one Glue board!


Nectar™ offers a highly effective in-counter solution to unsightly wasps and fruit flies, providing versatile installation and simple servicing as well as offering a wall mounted uplighter solution.

Nectar is a great choice anywhere there is a specific problem with fungal gnats (commonly referred to as fruit flies), particularly in taverns, bars, restaurants, cafes and wineries or anywhere flies are a problem. They are attracted to beverages such as wine, cordial, mixer drinks and beer, as well as ripening fruit. In these situations, Nectar can be positioned close to the floor on the serving side of the bar and close to where fruit flies are likely to be breeding. Nectar is ideal for areas where space is limited.

Nectar is also the best choice to control flying insects in confectionary, meat, and deli counters, salad bars and fresh produce counters, keeping food display units free from unhygienic pests.

The choice of mounting options and the light directional shield allows the unit to be discreetly located behind bars and serving counters, within the counter, or wall mounted, keeping insects out of the direct sight of the customer. The patented Synergetic UVA light and additional melon scented attractant in the glue boards ensures that flying insects including fruit flies entering the cabinet are quickly lured away from food. Nectar is designed for use with genuine GLUPAC attractant impregnated glue boards, which incorporate UV stable glue for longer life and an increased catch. Glue boards are quick and easy to change.

MAIN FEATURES                                                                    

  • Large glue area from two attractant impregnated glue boards which are positioned close to the UV lamp for increased catch
  • Swing down UV light shield keeps insects hidden from customer sight and changes the direction of the direct light when required
  • High efficacy shatterproof Synergetic UVA-Green lamps for an increased catch
  • Includes two removable lure trays for holding liquid attractant (ideal for fruit flies)
  • Stylish profile design to fit in-counter. Removable clips are included for in-counter advertising
  • Choice of mounting options - in or on a counter, or wall mounting
  • Simple to service, tool-free maintenance
  • Robust stainless steel and UV stable polycarbonate construction
  • Independently tested and certified to RoHS 

 Stylish profile design to fit in-counter.


Removable clips are included for in-counter advertising!


Ideal for areas where space is limited, or absolute discretion is required. Nectar™ provides a compact uplighter solution ideal for front-of-houseareas.
• Simple in counter or wall mounting options
• Dual wavelength Synergetic technology for an increased catch
• Two yellow glueboards are positioned close to UV bulb create large catch area
• Two easy to change common glueboards, with grids for simple insect analysis
• Removable lure trays, appropriate for liquid wasp attractant
• Variable shield keeps insects hidden from customer sight and changes the direction of the direct light where required
• Contemporary design includes removable clips for in counter advertising
• Robust stainless steel and UV stable polycarbonate construction
• Bulbs: 1 x TGX15-18s
• Glueboard: 2 x INL170
• Suggested area coverage: 323 ft²

Bulbs: 1 x TG X 15 – 1 8

Glue Boards: 2 x INL 170

Weight: 4 1/4 lbs

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