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Strike Max Glo LED Flying Insect Light Trap

10 Free StrikeMax Glo Glue Boards Included!

Product Description



Strike MAX™ GLO™ LED Insect Light Trap

 (**Now Includes 10 Strike Max Glo Glue Boards with every *Completed order! )


LED Reduces Carbon Footprint by 62% - Up to 67% in Energy Savings


STRIKE MAX GLO is a best in class LED Insect Light Trap designed for front of house and back of house locations. With a discreet, adaptable design, STRIKE MAX GLO blends in well with a full range of indoor settings. The exterior utilizes a powerful 11W LED bulb to attract pests. The glue boards serve to capture insect fragments, preventing contamination.




Leading in performance


  • Strike Max Glo catches flies faster than any other LED ILT on the market
  • Better or as effective as any fluorescent ILT but with energy savings of up to 67%


  • Strike Max Glo can reach up to 80% further than traditional fluorescent lamps


  • Safer and easier to service


  • Versatile, modern and aesthetically pleasing designs to suit different business needs and locations


  • 62% less carbon emissions
  • LED lamps don’t need changing more than once every 3 years


Why LED?

  • Very high light quality and greater UV output
  • LED lamps have a very long lifespan - last 3 years before needing to be replaced
  • Strike Max LED lamps do not contain mercury which can potentially affect people’s health Strike Max Glo LED Lamps
  • LED lamps are extremely energy efficient
  • Very low maintenance costs and hassle
  • Controlled UV output stability at 365 nm at low running temp.
  • Disposal of LED lamps is safer and easier due to their lack of mercury compared to fluorescent lights.


Efficacy Testing:

The Half Life Test Strike Max Glo was evaluated against the top ILT products in the market. Through a standardized test, measuring the time it takes for the ILT products to capture 50% of the insects in a room, Strike Max Glo proved to be the fastest of all units tested.





Purchase StrikeMax Glo LED Replacement Lamp Here   

Purchase Additional StrikeMax Glo Glueboards Here. 10 per pack


**Limited to 1 free 10 pack of glue boards per completed order.


*Example: Order 1 fly light and receive 1 free 10 pack of glue boards.  Order 2 or 3 or more fly lights and receive 1 free 10 pack of glue boards.



Product Videos

Strike Max Glo Installation and Set Up (04:04)
Watch this informative video on the best in class Strike Max Glo insect light trap.
  • Strike Max Glo...
    Watch this informative video on the best in class Strike Max G...
  • Strike Max Glo

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