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Fly Web Trio


Product Description


Fly Web Trio

Each FlyWeb unit  already comes complete with one gluepad and one bulb.

When you order this FlyWeb Trio, you will also receive one pack of 10 glue boards and one extra bulb.

 That is a good buy

But that's not all!!

 Order 3 or more of our FlyWeb Trio's and get an additional $3.00 off on every Fly Web Trio you order!!


That is an even Better Buy!!



The FlyWeb insect light is designed for use indoors in residential and commercial areas. Its compact size and direct plugin features allow the light to be placed in any outlet. The FlyWeb insect light uses a Fly and Gnat insect attracting lamp to lure flies or Gnats to the adhesive trapping board. When the glueboard is full of flying insects, simply remove, discard and replace with a new adhesive trapping board

This Fly Gnat Trap light will lure and capture the house fly, fruit fly, cluster fly, face fly, phorid flies, bottle flies, drain flies, mosquitoes, fungus gnat, moth flies, fruit fly, moths, asian beetles, nats and other flying insects.


Since 1928, Gardner fly traps has pioneered the manufacture of insect light traps for commercial and industrial applications.

This same highly effective insect control technology is now available to Get Rid of Gnats at bars, restaurants and home. If your fly control program involves the swatting of annoying flying insects, there is good news from the people at Gardner FlyWeb Insect Management.


FlyWeb Features:

  • 24 Hour, non-chemical silent trapping
  • Color is a off white finish
  • One Disposable 3x5 inch adhesive panel
  • Covers 600 sq. ft.(20 lineal feet)
  • 9 watts of Ultra Violet Insect Attraction
  • UL-CUL listed - 115v-60hz, direct plug-in
  • FDA & USDA accepted under current code
  • Dimensions: 3.5 in W x 10.5in H x 1.75in D




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