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Matrix II Fly Light - Shatterproof


Product Description




The Matrix II Fly Light Trap by B & G

 Includes 4 Shatterproof Bulbs

Advanced design gives you RealTime control over flies

  • For light duty service, use with 2 bulbs
  • For heavy duty service, use all 4 bulbs.

Available in Black or White - Choose your color option when adding the Matrix II to your shopping cart.

Get more flexibility,more power, and more economy out of your insect light trap.

In the old days of insect light trapping for fly control, you installed a unit that perhaps had 30 watts of power and a small glueboard. You took your chances and hoped for the best.

With the advanced Matrix II insect light trap, all service paradigms change. You set the level of UV light output. From a blazing 100 watts which is nearly 3 times greater than most competitors, to a frugal 25 watts which is still as much as many other units, you are in complete control.

Your Matrix II is shipped standard with 4 x 25 watt bulbs for the ultimate inflexibility.

Your Matrix II also comes standard with 2 large glueboardswith over 262 sq/in. of surface area to catch flies. Don’t have a high level of fly infestation? Use one glueboard instead. Our glueboard is still larger than ones installed in most of our competitors insect light traps. Have a large number of flies? Use both glueboards to turbocharge your fly control program. Use just one, in the standard position behind the glueboards.Or, use the lower position for situations where you don't want to see flies.

If you choose to use 2 bulbs in your Matrix II, you can put the other 2 bulbs aside for the day when you change the worn out bulbs. It’s like getting a free extra set of bulbs with your light trap. It’s the same with the glueboards. You get a starter set of two with your Matrix II purchase. Use both or save one for the next time you service your Matrix.

This trap (21 x 14 x 5 in.) has 100 watt capacity (four 25 Watt bulbs) for maximum attraction where fly infestation is heavy. For light infestations the 1-bulb or 2-bulb configuration can be used.

This unit has an electronic ballast, 2 large glueboards (one behind the bulbs, one below), and built-in hooks for hanging from the ceiling and increasing attraction from all angles.

Trap colors are black or white.

The Matrix II is the only insect light trap to offer these flexible options

  • Use 1,2,3, or 4 bulbs- it’s your choice!

  • Use 1 or 2 glueboards- match to infestation level

  • Use rear glueboard position or bottom glueboard position or both

    The Matrix II comes factory equipped from B&G with 4 shatter proof matrix shatterproof bulbs & 2 matrix glueboards.

  • For medium fly infestations: use 2 bulbs. Keep other 2 for 6 month replacement

  • Use rear glueboard only and keep 2nd as a spare

  • For winter service, use 1 bulb
  • Weight: 13 lbs

  • Measurements: 21 x 14 x 5 in.

  • Ships UPS Ground Only Direct from Manufacturer in approx.  7 to10 business days **plus transit time

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