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Genus ECLIPSE Fly Light

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Product Description


Now available in Black $154.00 or White $157.00



Genus® ECLIPSE™ Fly Light


For sensitive public areas demanding discreet placement

When it comes to effectively controlling flying insects in front-of-house dining areas and other sensitive public locations, the Genus® ECLIPSE™ provides the ideal solution. It combines highly advanced technology along with an attractive contemporary design to minimize its visual environmental impact while maximizing flying insect catch.

This decorative trap doesn’t look like a bug light and that’s the beauty of it. Its two 15 watt bulbs and Universal Glueboard provide the performance your customers need. Like all Genus light traps, the Eclipse is easy to service and install.

Perfect for restaurant dining areas and other front of  house locations where discretion is required. Hidden glueboards prevent customers from seeing flies, and the brushed aluminum styling and LED accent lights create the appearance of a decorative wall light. This Genus® ECLIPSE™ fly trap from Brandenburg combines function, style and serviceability.

Genus® ECLIPSE™ is the result of the fusion of design-led development, the very latest advances in Uva transmission technology and customer-driven demand for a unit to bring effective control of flying insects to the most sensitive public areas. 

It also features integral soft-ambience LED visible light output that can supplement the lighting scheme in its chosen location and together with silent operation and the totally out of sight insect catch system, further disguise its proven control capability. In every way, Genus® ECLIPSE™ is the realisation of modern, discreet and effective flying insect control.


Accessories/Replacement Components:

Vector / Genus Universal Glueboards  

Vector / Genus Eclipse shatterproof Bulb


Dimensions:H: 16.1" W: 11.8" D: 3.7"

Weight:4.25 lbs


Watts:30 Watts

Ballast:Electronic (no separate starters)

Lamps:2x15 Watt UVa T5

Colors Available: Black or White

Warranty:1 year



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